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Gentle Darkness

A 21st Century Dreamscape by 51XO and The Original Mattress Factory.


We invite you to enjoy a showcase of the modern nocturne, lullaby, and musical trance in a fully immersive nighttime event.  Hosted by Cleveland area mattress retailers, you will experience a spellbinding concert in the dark while you recline and snuggle into the mattress of your choice, as your eyes close and your imagination drifts into gentle darkness.  It will be the perfect setting for a true experience of night music.  Milk and cookies will be provided!

It will be the most laid back concert you've ever attended!

Saturday, Nov. 18 8pm
The Original Mattress Factory
4930 State Rd. Cleveland


Details about the venue can be found at www.originalmattress.com

The design was created by MelaMuse (melamuse.art@gmail.com)


Check back to this page for setlist details.

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