FiveOne Experimental Orchestra (51XO) is a Cleveland-based modern music chamber band dedicated to bridging the gap between pop culture and modern art music. We differentiate our conductorless chamber group from other classical new music ensembles by abandoning academic or concert hall settings in favor of unusual, artful locations that may be more accessible to and appreciated by the general community. We also program our concerts with the distinct intention of attracting and building relationships with new audiences, offering them a gateway to modern classical music.

The world of pop music is an ever-growing one, now so increasingly imaginative and sophisticated that it shares many things in common with the finely crafted art music long relegated to academia. We have found that there is a large market of free-thinking individuals who can form a lasting bond with the intricacies and abstraction of recent classical music if properly introduced on their terms, in their venues. Toward that end, we perform at a wide variety of locations such as wine bars, cemeteries, warehouses, theatres, libraries, art galleries, storefronts, schools, coffee roasteries, jazz clubs, street corners, breweries and office spaces. Each of our concerts is conceptually different and musically unique. We believe that our passion for creativity in all aspects of production is central to attracting new listeners.

We performed our first concert in May of 2008. The following year, we formed a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Since that time, 51XO has continued to expand, holding more concerts each year, commissioning new works by exciting emerging composers, establishing a set instrumentation (flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, guitar, violin, cello, and double bass), and forming new partnerships within the Cleveland arts community and beyond. We have reached out to many other artistic disciplines through a variety of collaborations, including sculptors, filmmakers, video artists, dancers, poets, and visual artists.

Now entering our eighth full season of concerts, 51XO recently completed a comprehensive strategic planning process which defines opportunities for us to streamline our infrastructure, increase our financial sustainability, expand our outreach programs, and challenge ourselves to program our concerts in more imaginative ways than ever. We believe this 3-year plan will strengthen our organization and further empower us as we continue to raise modern art music literacy in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

The heart of 51XO's mission is to dispel the air of exclusivity that often surrounds contemporary classical music -- to invite both traditional and non-traditional concert-goers of all ages and walks of life to participate with open mind, eyes, ears, and hearts in a truly unique musical experience. Our audiences are as diverse as our music, yet our music speaks to each listener on a personal level. FiveOne Experimental Orchestra is about using the arts to communicate, to foster community, and to create cosmos in a world of chaos.

We invite you to be a part.